Classic Eyewear Collection 2022

Summer 2022 Classic Eyewear …timeless frames & sunglasses

Glasses, LFF Companion clip-ons, CLIP With our eyewear, like our apparel, you can make a statement of distinctive style and discerning taste. Choose your flattering shape, and have your prescription filled at your neighborhood optician. View our unique and refined collection, produced for us by world renowned makers in the finest materials, on our website, using the QR code below. LFF On the cover: Handcrafted exclusively for us in Germany, from the finest Italian carved acetate. These sunglasses have a 47mm lens, with a 23mm keyhole bridge. Available in A-amber; B-black; C-tortoise; D-Tokyo tortoise. Each sunglass, BS354…$335. At right, Our signature frame, the Pantheon in demi-blond tortoise shell, is made for us exclusively by Lafont of Paris, in several sizes, LFF…$355. Shown with companion clip-on sunglasses. Companion clip-ons, CLIP…$145. At top, another unique frame, the Pantheon shape in Oxford tortoise shell, LFE…$355. Above, the Pantheon shape is also available, in a 50mm size, in several colors: A-black; B-crystal; C-dark tortoise; D-amber; and I-pinkie, LFP…$355. Scan to Shop LFS-E LFP-I Copyright © 2022 The Ben Silver Corporation Shown front to back: LFE: Oxford tortoise frame LFS-E: Oxford tortoise sunglass

OBOX1 OBOX3 At top left, the Pantheon shape sunglass is also available, in a 50mm size, in several colors: A-black; B-crystal; C-dark tortoise; D-amber; E-Oxford tortoise; F-demiblond; and I-pinkie. Each sunglass, LFS…$465. At right, Lacquer eyewear chests in fine lacquered wood finishes, in two sizes, are able to hold multiple frames. Large chest, holds 8 frames, OBOX1…$380. Small chest, holds 4 frames, OBOX3…$190. Below, our exclusive German engineered slender round frames, are available in A-matte mahogany; B-Paris tortoise; C-matte smoke; E-light tortoise; F-red; G-blue. Each frame, BSRF…$335. BSRF-C BSRF-B Slender round frames, BSRF, shown front to back: G: blue F: red B: Paris tortoise E: light tortoise Either plain, LFP, or sunglass, LFS, shown front to back: B: crystal C: dark tortoise D: amber E: Oxford tortoise F: demi-blond I: pinkie

FPFP-A EPSB-A Shown below, another exclusive from France, these vintage “P3” frames from François Pinton, are available in three colors and three sizes. Each frame, FPFP…$355. “…there’s still a guiding light of heritage and subtle style: the tortoise-shelled, rounded, mild-mannered but intelligent references to the classic schoolboy frames of old.” — G. Bruce Boyer Shown above, These semi-round 47mm UV protected sunglasses are a return to mid-century classics in contemporary colors. The combination of a 23mm keyhole bridge and larger lenses provide coverage against the sun; while the colors assure fun in the sun! Choose from either: A-yellow with blue lenses; B-clear with blue lenses; C-honey tortoise with green lenses; D-champagne with green lenses; E-amber with green lenses. Each sunglass, EPSB…$265. Sunglass, EPSB, shown front to back: D: champagne A: yellow E: amber C: honey tortoise B: clear “Real tortoise shell has long since departed, and with good reason as you know. But the mock version and dark solid colors, faded ivory, and clear pink tones are eminently suitable.” — G. Bruce Boyer P3 frames, FPFP, shown front to back: D: tortoise with black temples B: dark tortoise A: antique tortoise

The Ben Silver Corporation 149 King Street Charleston, SC 29401 PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID BEN SILVER CORPORATION CLICK: WWW.BENSILVER.COM CALL: 1-800-221-4671 STAY CONNECTEDWITH US @BENSILVERCOLLECTION Our handsome crocodile eyeglass cases are available in both a beautifully tanned caramel color, MAGE; and a rich chocolate brown shade, MAGO. Its luxurious finish and color reveal its hot wax tannage for exceptional depth and suppleness. Cut extra roomy to our exact specifications, it will comfortably hold all sizes and shapes of eyeglasses. Crocodile eyeglass cases...$325. Elegant and Practical …eyeglass cases