Holiday 2019 Collection

L ast M inute G ifts for E veryone …stocking stuffer or under the tree On the cover : Our Christmas tree tie is a standout gift for every gentleman. The jacquard woven tie is an extraordinary work of art in three color variations, shown left to right: B-navy; A-holiday red; or C-green. The finest English silk reflects the rich detail only achievable with the highest pick count. Each tie, W08…$155. Copyright © 2019 The Ben Silver Corporation T reat Y ourself …as well as the ones you love! For more details on items shown, simply type the code of the item into our keyword search box at the top of our website, On the cover : Our handsome new jacquard woven silk neckties will make your holidays brighter. Beautifully woven in crisp detail, the elegant Christmas trees will bring smiles to every face! Available in either A-red or B-holly, and also as a bow tie in the same colors. Each tie, W291…$155. Each bow tie, BW291…$98. Felt hat, HMR…$215. Cashmere stole, JES24…$325. Cashmere bed socks, WLSC…$95 each. Cashmere poncho, LHCP...$375. Cashmere beret, LWLB...$85. Cashmere gloves, LWLG…$45. Christmas Tree Socks, CCTS…$45. Snowman socks, CSMS…$45. Moose and snowflake socks, CBMS…$45. Cotton velour robes, DRR…$195. Brushed cotton pajamas, SSPJ2…$385. Tuscan calfskin handbag, BLSH…$525. Scarf, ECS23-A…$155.