Fall 2020 Volume II

Copyright © 2020 The Ben Silver Corporation As we look forward to a return to a vibrant economy, we have created, as always, a fresh range of tasteful and classically styled apparel – investment pieces you will always enjoy wearing. You can be assured that you will continue to find quality, craftsmanship and the Authentic American style you expect from us, as well as the courteous and knowledgeable service of our experienced staff. We thank you for your continued support during this Covid-19 crisis, so that we can continue to be your “go-to” resource in years to come. Some of us are back at work; some of us are dressing as before, while others are more casually attired. With this new reality in mind, and yet true to our timeless taste, we offer a versatile collection for fall, providing a variety of comfortable classics, along with a collection of tailored apparel you can enjoy when the time is right – for some, now, and for others, hopefully soon. The catalogs this Fall will omit some of our favorites, such as formal attire, with the thought that this may not be the year for gala weddings and other events. However, all of our complete collection will always be available to you online. As we write this, our historic shop on King Street remains closed, except by appointment, but our entire staff is at work, here in Charleston and available by phone or email or online,to serve you throughout the season. We are looking forward to a return to “normalcy” and to welcoming you once again to our Charleston location. Until then, enjoy the catalogs we have prepared for you, and enjoy our newly redesigned website, which now can be viewed on your cell phone and tablet as well as on your full size computer.. Welcome to Ben Silver…classic style has always been our business! -Sue and Bob Prenner On the cover : Times have certainly changed! As we carefully move forward in these unprecedented times, the computer is more likely to be the way we communicate with each other. Our images on Zoom for family gatherings can be casual, but for business purposes those images reflect our professional demeanor. Even on Zoom, we can remember to “dress for success.” Above : Silk and alpaca Vee-neck sweater in marine blue, IMV5-C…$435. Tattersall shirt, 2316…$215. Belt, S550-B…$135. Pants, in forward pleat, STWF-C, or in plain front, STWP-C…$395. Frames, LFE…$345. Shoes, 8365…$650. celebrating 60 years …the paragon of classic style since 1960