Winter 2022 Collection

1-800-221-4671 | 5 1- - 1- 1 | 4 | Above : Loro Piana has woven this classic Prince of Wales plaid wool and cashmere sport coat fabric for us exclusively and we have tailored it into our authentic American style in a full size range. As with all our two-button jackets, it has side vents, unless otherwise requested. We propose our 170s thread count Swiss cotton Bengal stripe panama weave shirt, one of our newest striped English Mogador silk neckties, a white linen engineered pocket square, and a wing tip oxford in chestnut tanned leather, along with a complementary leather belt. The Italian woven trousers are medium grey, and the eyewear suggestion is a dark tortoise Pantheon favorite from France. Jacket, 1590J…$1,125. Shirt, 654S…$245. Tie, W339-A…$155. Pants, plain front, HFLP-B or forward pleat, HFL-B…$395. Pocket square, MPG6…$35. Shoe, 6319…$895. Belt, 9942-A…$175. Frames, LFP-C…$355. On Blair: Jacket, 1590J…$1,125. Shirt, 654S…$245. Tie, W339-A…$155. Pocket square, MGP6…$35. Pants, plain front, SCMP or forward pleat, SCMF…$395. distinguish yourself …in this elegant sport coat 1-800-221-4671 | 5